Top countries that produce specialty coffee

Top countries that produce specialty coffee

In general, specialty coffee is a coffee that comes with higher quality and more complex version of the common varieties. The beans of specialty coffee are produced under specific circumstances in special climates. With that said, mentioned below are the top countries that produce those specialty coffee beans.  

  • Brazil 

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and it offers mainly Arabica beans using natural and pulped natural processes. He high-quality beans produced in beans have a medium body, low acidity, and also a nice bittersweet chocolaty with nutty tastes. Varieties such as Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, and Mundo Novo are popular and they are used for high-quality espresso blends. 

  • Columbia  

Many coffee enthusiasts recognize Colombian coffee to be one of the best due to its efficient branding. Columbian coffee is grown along three northern Andes mountains. This variety is known for the silky taste it offers and the creamy feel thanks to its mild and balanced body. It also comes with high acidity, as well as floral and citric notes.  

  • Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is known for its excellent coffee growing conditionsThey certainly produce some of the best coffee varieties in the world. High grown coffees that come from the mountains of Costa Rica have bright, crisp, and clean finish with good body. Also, they have a fruity aroma and high acidity.  

  • Ethiopia 

Interestingly, Ethiopia is the origin of the Arabica tree. In fact, wild coffee cherries are still harvested by tribes in the mountains. When it comes to Eastern Ethiopia, you can find Harrar coffee, which is characterized especially by winy and blueberry undertones. They also have a good body and acidity. When it comes to the Eastern Gimbi coffee, it comes with winy undertones of Harrar. However, it can be relatively richer, more balanced, and has a heavier body. They also have a long finish.  

  • Guatemala 

Guatemala is known for some of the world’s finest specialty coffee varieties that are produced in the central Highlands. High-quality Guatemalan coffee varieties are generally produced using the wet-process method. They come with spicy or chocolate tastes, with medium body accompanied by high acidity.  

  • Indonesia 

It is true that Indonesia is the world's fourth-largest coffee producer. However, the majority of the crop is Robusta and the amount of specialty coffee is not that high. Still, the Arabica coffees that come from this region are considered to be some of the best in the world. They are known for characteristics like richness, full body, long finish, earthy aroma, and gentle acidity. 

  • Kenya  

They have a very good reputation as a high-quality coffee exporter. Their coffees are generally made using wet-processed method. Estate Kenya (which is a single origin Kenya coffee estate) can be very expensive compared to regular high-quality Kenyan coffee. These coffee varieties come with excellent body, black-current aroma, and winy acidity.  

Apart from that, countries like India, Jamaica, Peru, Mexico, and Zimbabwe can be included in this list.  

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